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FINAL WEEK: Hello all! Hope you've enjoyed these resources. This summer, here at LYS we hope you and your families can start enjoying the sun, and maybe kick around a soccer ball when you can! If you scroll through these videos on this page, there are so many resources and ideas that you can your child can use to further their love of the game, even from home. For this final installment, I'll be recommending some great websites you can check out to get even more ideas. Enjoy your summer, and as always feel free to reach out with any questions! 

-110 Soccer Skills at Home

-10 At-Home Drills

-Home With the Pros (Revs at home workouts)


WEEK 6: Welcome back to another week! We hope you had restful weekends soaking up some sun. This week we're actually going to share with you an entire playlist on YouTube. This was created by the Houston Dynamo, the MLS team in Houston. It has seven awesome, really easy at home skills that kids can learn. Feel free to explore their website as they also offer great content for younger age groups as well. These skills can be learned by any level-- so try and get your kids out in the backyard practicing these! If you ever have any questions about soccer at home feel free to email me . Have a great week!


WEEK 5: Hope you enjoyed a great Mother's Day! This week we'll be returning back to basics: ball mastery. During quarantine, getting both your left and right foot comfortable on the ball is a great idea. Again, the point here is improving confidence as much as skill: if your child has practiced with the ball in the backyard for hours, once they get on the field you'll be astounded how much more confidence they have to try a move or to take a solid first touch. This video will focus on ball mastery: it goes pretty quickly! So I'd encourage you to take this piece by piece, and give lots of positive praise during. :) Enjoy the week!


WEEK 4: Hello all! With this outrageously lovely weather, I hope some of you got a chance to go for a nice walk this weekend. Also nice weather means it's an even better time to encourage your kids to get out into the backyard/any open space in your home and practice their skills! The first video is a really nice progression using passing to a wall (or any surface that a ball would bounce back!). It starts simple, and gets more difficult as it goes on, but feel free to use these ideas as jumping off points. I quite like the "two touch cone passing." For our second video, it's more difficult but builds on some of the skills learned in the first. It focuses on really close ball control, and all players should start off slow when attempting this. Enjoy these videos!


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WEEK 3: Happy Monday! Hope you enjoyed last week's ball mastery skills. To reiterate, all these videos are meant for inspiration. If your kid loved week 1's video, they can always keep working on that.... This week it's juggling! If your child has worked with me, it's likely they know my one-bounce rule (and then once bounce two-touch, one bounce three touch) which is great for getting started juggling. What I really like about the video below is that it starts simple, and then gets really complicated as it progresses. It should be a fun test for any kid in Lincoln! In complicated times like these, having a score to beat every day (Monday 4 juggles, Tuesday 6, etc...) brings some great structure and goal-setting back to their lives. Hope you agree!


WEEK 2: Hello all! Welcome back and thank you for checking in. We hope you enjoyed last week's video and we have 2 more to share today! This week will focus on "ball mastery," which simply put means getting your feet comfortable with the ball. The first video is a good place to start, as it works on basic techniques that get harder. If your child can breeze through that one, the second one is a bit harder and should stretch their abilities. As always, kids should feel free to create their own variations off these ideas. 



WEEK 1: Our first video in this series is a demonstration of various fakes/1v1 moves that kids can practice in their backyards. Personally, I've not seen many kids instruct videos and it's truly heartwarming and hopefully accessible for LYS children to see this and be taught by someone their own age. Enjoy!