Code of Conduct

Lincoln Youth Soccer is a volunteer organization dedicated to the positive support and development of our youth players. This philosophy results in a coaching standard of behavior that is non-negotiable. With that in mind, the expectations for Lincoln soccer coaches, in order of priority, are:

Respect Your Players

  • Each player should be treated with respect at all times – win, lose or draw. Under no circumstances will a coach intimidate or disparage a player.
  • Winning is secondary to player development, positive reinforcement, good sportsmanship and, above all, having fun. Players continue to play soccer because they enjoy it, not because they win games.
  • Coaches are responsible for the children’s safety. They must bring their medical release forms to practices and games. A coach or assigned adult must remain at the field after practices and games until all children are picked up by their parents.
  • Coaches should not have to spend time disciplining unruly or uncooperative children. They must speak to parents immediately in order to remedy the situation. If the behavior persists, coaches have the right to reduce playing time or require a misbehaving player to sit out a game. In all cases, the coach should keep the appropriate Commissioner informed of the situation and ask for assistance, as necessary.

Respect the Game and the Referees

  • Coaches should observe the BAYS Zero Tolerance Policy at all times, which states that coaches will not engage or criticize referees before, during or after a game. No exceptions.
  • Coaches should set an example of on-field decorum and good sportsmanship at all times.
  • Coaches should learn the rules of the game and expand their knowledge of soccer by attending coaching clinics.
  • Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players. Under no circumstances should a coach allow players to address/criticize the referee or opposing team players. Nor should excessively reckless play be tolerated. If a player receives a yellow card, he or she should be substituted for immediately and the reason for the card should be addressed by the coach.

Respect the Lincoln Youth Soccer and its Families

  • Coaches should meet with the players and parents prior to the start of each season to discuss expectations, commitments and procedures, with an emphasis on the BAYS Zero Tolerance Policy.
  • Coaches must address parents that display inappropriate behavior (abusing referees, criticizing players on either team, questioning coaching decisions or shouting instructions at players). In extreme cases, a parent may be asked not to attend subsequent games, if, after the coach has spoken with the offending parent and the appropriate Commissioner, the parent behavior is still problematic.
  • Coaches should respect all members of the Lincoln Youth Soccer, including Commissioners and Board members, which volunteer their time to provide a positive experience to the town’s youth.
  • In the event that a coach persistently disregards the expectations as outlined above, then the appropriate Commissioner, with the backing of the Lincoln Youth Soccer, may ask the coach to sit out games or practices. In extreme cases, the coach may be relieved of his/her coaching duties permanently.

Please follow the link below to review the BAYS CODES OF CONDUCT to fully understand the expectations of the league and LYS.