CORI Registration

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association handles all of Lincoln Youth Soccer's CORI checks. The Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) Support Services Unit provides CORI to Board Certified, non-criminal justice agencies such as schools, day care centers, and municipal government agencies.  Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association has been certified for access to all existing CORI information including pending cases, convictions, and non-conviction criminal case data.  Massachusetts Youth Soccer is prohibited from disseminating this information for any purpose other than to further the safety and protection of children.  This information will be maintained in strict accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth. 

Two steps:

1. Send a copy of your license to the Lincoln Youth Soccer CORI submitter to keep on file.

Click on the following link to register with MYSA.

Massachusetts Youth Soccer CORI / KIDSAFE Form

2. E-mail the LYS CORI submitter so that they know you have filed with the state. Once processed, the CORI submitter will get confirmation that your CORI check has been cleared.

Please note that if you do not go through the CORI process LYS cannot allow you to participate.