About Lincoln Youth Soccer

Lincoln Youth Soccer involves more families in town than any other town-wide activity!

Lincoln Youth Soccer fields both in-town and traveling teams during the fall and spring seasons. The youngest play in Lincoln on Saturday mornings. Both boys and girls eligible to start Kindergarten in the fall, and current First and Second Graders learn new soccer skills and play small-sided intramural games. The emphasis is on learning about the game and having fun. 

At the Third Grade level, separate boys and girls Travel Teams compete against teams from other Boston Area Youth Soccer (BAYS) League towns on 7, 9, or 11 a-side teams depending on the age level. Trained referees replace parents as the on-field arbiters of the game.

Travel team rosters are developed based on age. Historically, from the youngest level up through U-12 teams, parent/coaches divided the players seeking a balanced mix of talents and abilities on all teams and U-14 teams were selected based on yearly tryouts held at the conclusion of the Spring season. Starting in 2006, LYS implemented a change so the U12 teams were also formed on the basis of tryouts. This change met with some resistance and challenges due to the relatively small size of the town and the legacy of social versus competitive team formation.

Parents, and some former players form the backbone of the coaching and organizing efforts of Lincoln Youth Soccer. Without their commitment of time, talent and carpools, the program could not offer as great an opportunity for learning, playing and enjoying soccer as now exists. 

Come by the schools any Saturday and see what all the cheering is about. Lincoln Youth Soccer may be Lincoln's favorite pastime!