Attendance, Jewelry, Placement


Please be aware that our goal of high child participation does not excuse poor player or parent commitment to the program. It is the expectation of LYS that players attend practices, skills sessions and games. The more commitment the players bring to their team, the better the experience will be for all.

Why no earrings or other jewelry?

The BAYS rule on this subject states: "Articles that may constitute a danger to the wearer or any other player must be removed, i.e. jewelry, watches, barrettes, chains, belts, head coverings with any visor or protrusions, etc." LYS adheres to the BAYS rule. Earrings may not be taped.

This policy applies to games and practices.

Team Placement

LYS recognizes and embraces the small size of our community.  As such, it is our philosophy to maintain high child participation throughout the lifecycle of the program as our ultimate goal, with respect to team placement. 

At all levels below U14, the strong preference will be to keep a team within the same school grade since children often prefer to be with their peers.  When there are multiple teams within the same school grade, the placement process will aim to balance the teams to the extent reasonable, and to mix the teams the following year to provide a new experience for the players.   Formal tryouts will not be held for teams below the U14 level.

At the U14 level, team assignment will be handled by the head coach.  He/She will use level of ability, based on the tryout process, as his/her primary criteria. There are no cuts when trying out for the U14 level.

If a team within a given grade has too few players, players from a different grade may be asked to play “out of grade”. Such requests will come from the Commissioner or President to the players’ parents.

Please note that parent-initiated requests for their child to “play-up” are not permitted.